JUXDIT has recently launched in Virgin’s Pitch to Rich competition, with the hope to win their category and grow their crowdfunding marketplace with the prize. It’s an exciting time for this company, only on Friday was their founder Annie O’Toole named Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Leaders Summit 2015 in Mayfair. Judges comments stated that she had ‘gone above and beyond to become an expert within the crowdfunding industry, we have no doubt that she will go on to achieve big things with the launch of JUXDIT’s marketplace’.

JUXDIT is a crowdfunding consultancy based in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool. Now working on an international level, their mission is to fill the gaps that lie within the before and after services of crowdfunding, making the industry more accessible across Europe.

Since starting up only eight months ago, demand for JUXDIT’s services has grown exponentially. But, founder Annie wanted more for the company and felt that with the right vision JUXDIT could scale to operate on a global level. With this in mind, the idea to launch a marketplace stocking only successfully crowdfunded products was born. Annie pushed the company to become a scalable entity that has the potential to disrupt the retail industry in a big way.

‘We believe that retail should be more crowd focused, it’s no longer about big brands telling us what we want, crowdfunding has allowed for a funding democracy to be born and from this we’re seeing the creation of unique, innovative items that have the customers needs at their core. The people’s choice is JUXDIT’s choice and we won’t stop until we’ve created a marketplace that revolutionises the way in which products are brought to market’ says founder Annie O’Toole.

The Pitch to Rich competition could see JUXDIT win a £250k marketing campaign, alongside advice, mentoring and support from one of the most successful organisations in the world.

‘Richard Branson is an inspiration, he is a true entrepreneur. The opportunity to work alongside Virgin means so much to us, winning this competition will give us the #VOOM we require to reach new heights. We’re determined to grow JUXDIT, but we need some help- every vote will give us a push in the right direction. We’re so grateful for the support we’ve received so far, please continue to vote for JUXDIT in the Pitch to Rich competition’.

There’s more to crowdfunding than platforms. This industry needs services that reach across the board and support entrepreneurs on all levels. By supporting JUXDIT we’re supporting an open investment democracy- so let’s get voting!